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Friday, January 20, 2006

Gwen Moore's criminal family

I realize that being blindfolded, Lady Justice probably can't obtain a driver's license. But that is no reason to turn a blind eye – or two – toward the abhorrent election fraud perpetrated by Rep. Gwen Moore's son in Milwaukee.

As I have re-hashed time and again, the congresswoman's son has been facing charges of slashing the tires on GOP get-out-the-vote vehicles the morning of the 2004 election. And today her son, Sowande A. Omokunde, along with three of his comrades in crime, plead no contest to reduced charges in exchange for a deal that keeps them out of jail. The fifth culprit took his chances with a jury and was found not guilty – apparently justice truly is blind.

In a news release, RPW Chair Rick Graber expressed the anger shared by so many of us:

This case shows that Democrats will stop at nothing to undermine efforts by Republicans to get-out-the-vote on Election Day and has shed light on the extent they are willing to go for their own political gain. We feel as though the penalty set forth by the District Attorney for the Democrats' attempt to undermine the election process certainly does not fit the crime.

And yet I am somewhat heartened by the news insofar as the new plea from Mr. Omokunde represents an admission of guilt (or the closest thing thereto since he didn't quite fess up all the way). With that on the books, the questions Ms. Moore must be made to answer should only grow more boisterous. Is her congressional seat now transparently the fruit of an ill-gotten election victory?

Further, with this new admission, it would seem high time to start asking the honorless U. S. Representative that classic question that has begotten so many falls from political grace: what did you know, and when did you know it?

For some reason, I am having trouble believing that this apple ever even fell from the tree in the first place.


At 10:27 AM, Anonymous said...

I think the Democrats should force a primary for Moore's seat. That would be a very interesting race.

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous said...

What boils my blood is that if this situation were reveresed - and Democrats accused Republican's of intentionally damaging vehicles to take folks to the polls the Dems would raise HOLY hell - throwing the book at them. They would say the were civil rights abuses, hate crimes etc. etc. Their out and out hypocrisy on this issues is deafening.


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